Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC)

Microsoft Office Communicator is a powerful business and communication tool, allowing entire organizations to communicate in real time using persistent group chat. It enables the instant exchange of business expertise, and maintains a steady flow of information among members of a project. This tutorial is designed to help you use the Microsoft Office Communicator instant messaging software effectively. With this real-time instant-message communication tool, you can instantly interact with others, regardless of their locations or time zones.

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Items covered in this 17 minute training module include:

  • Program Interface
  • Calendar Integration
  • Add a Contact
  • View Contact’s Card
  • Create a Group
  • Search for Someone
  • Send an Instant Message – Individual
  • Send an Instant Message – Group
  • Distribution Groups
  • Receive an Instant Message
  • Manually Change Your Presence Status
  • Set Status to Do Not Disturb
  • Your Presence Info and Access Levels
  • Change Contacts Access Levels
  • Switch to Access Level View
  • Get Notification when Contact is Available
  • Block a Person
  • Presence in Outlook
  • Presence in Sharepoint
  • Use Meet Now to Start a Conference and Invite Participants
  • Share Your Desktop
  • Review Previous Conversations
  • Communicate with Public IM

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