Learn what you need, when and where you need it with our flexible delivery options designed to meet your organizations overall training objectives.

EUU hosts the programs in our cloud-based training platform via a dedicated server. Each client is provided a secure, unique link to their personalized training page to provide their team.  There are 3 ways for users to access the training; however, we recommend method #1 as this option provides the easiest and quickest access to training for your team:

1. IP Address*– Allows all users within a specific range of IP addresses to automatically access the portal, without having to login. This method is the most efficient for both administrators and end-users. Individual usage is not able to be tracked with this method.

2. User List – For clients who have a specific list of users they want to allow to access the training. A user ID and password is required.  Logins may be an email address, network ID or another unique identifier.  The User List is uploaded by the client, partner, or EUU admin. Individual usage is able to be tracked.

3. Administrator Control – Administrators can manually set up end users and provide them with a login and password. This method is not recommended for large companies.

Our training modules are SCORM-compliant for companies that would like to include training in their LMS (Learning Management System).  We can package the training modules in an enhanced Flash format optimized for desktop computers, an mp4 video built for mobile users, or both.
Instead of the training being hosted on End User University’s servers, there is an alternative. A virtual machine containing all your licensed products can be created to be hosted on your VMWare ESX or Hypervisor.
Looking for live training classes?  Our live training experts combine technical product knowledge, change management strategies and engaging interpersonal skills to offer an end-user training approach that ensures your employees’ success with their new devices, and drive a return on your Unified Communications or Technology investment.

Some of our live training offerings include:

  • Support for Deployment Team Leaders
  • End User Training Program Design, Development and Implementation
  • Train the Trainer
  • Customized At-a-Glance Reference Materials
  • Product Education
  • User Acceptance Testing

Training can be delivered the following ways:

  • On-Site – Ideal for large groups of users
  • Webinar – Ideal for smaller groups of users in remote locations
  • Audio Conferencing– Also ideal for smaller groups

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