CISCO Agent Desktop – for Supervisors 2007

The Cisco Supervisor Desktop makes it easier for you to handle your team of agents and their calls directly through your computer — saving you time and creating better team performance. The system includes dynamic features that allow you to view real time agent call activity and record, archive and silently monitor agent phone calls to help establish better quality assurances. Additionally, you can “barge in” or “intercept” calls from individual agents directly from your desktop as well as change an agents call state without ever leaving your desk. The system is set up to make all call activity highly accessible – even the agent’s call statistics and performance reports.

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Items covered in this 23 minute training module include:

  • Program Features
  • Login
  • Toolbar
  • Team Selection
  • Team View Pane
  • Data View Pane
  • Team Message Pane
  • Status Bar
  • Monitoring an Agent
  • Barging in on a Call
  • Intercepting a Call
  • Recording a Call
  • Changing Agent States
  • Transferring
  • Using Chat
  • Team Message
  • Setting Preferences
  • Team Report
  • Agent Reports
  • Agent Call Log
  • Agent ACD State Log
  • Agent Statistics Report
  • Record Viewer Toolbar
  • Listening to a Recording
  • Archive a Recording
  • Saving a Recording

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