Avaya Aura 9650

Specifically made for navigator telephone users that answer many incoming calls, transfer callers, and monitor bridges appearances throughout the day. Supports built-in button module functionality to provide simple one-touch access to bridged appearances, speed dials, and feature keys – 8 physical buttons with shift capability to 16.

Through its integrated web browser and application interface, the 9650 supports enhanced applications such as LDAP corporate directories and integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendars.

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Items covered in this 19 minute training module include:

  • Hardware
  • Buttons
  • Sound Control
  • Answering a Call
  • Answering a Call on a Bridged Line
  • Making a Call
  • Making a Call on a Bridged Line
  • Calling a Person from the Directory
  • Hold
  • Ignore
  • Transfer
  • Send All Calls
  • Directory
  • Setup Conference
  • Add a Person to a Conference
  • Drop a Person from a Conference
  • Join a Call on a Bridged Line
  • Call a Contact
  • View Contact Details
  • Add New Contact
  • Edit Contact
  • Delete Contacts
  • View Call Log
  • Call from Call Log
  • Removing an Entry from the Call Log
  • Clearing all Contacts
  • Turning off Call Logging
  • Check Voicemail from Phone
  • Check Voicemail from Outisde
  • Go to Phone Screen on Calling
  • Go to Phone Screen on Ringing
  • Redial
  • Display
  • Ring Pattern
  • Edit Labels

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