End User University is not only a powerful training and support tool, but it also makes a great sales tool.

When you sign up as a partner, we’ll give you your own micro-site that you can use in your sales and marketing process.  Sending your prospects access to demos only takes a second, which ultimately saves time and money by allowing customers and prospects to review the technology online without having to bring a demo kit to the customer or have the customer come to a briefing location.


  • Product Demo Center for Partner’s Site (with Prospect Tracking)
  • Generate a recurring revenue stream
  • Eliminate Customer Support Calls
  • Future Up-Selling Opportunities
  • Customization – additional revenue for Partners
  • Training and support provides additional value to your customer
  • Eliminate the need to send an engineer out to train the customer
  • Training and Support available on-demand ANYTIME
  • Low annual cost
  • All-Inclusive Subscription provides access to any program in our library as well as any new program released

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Reduce help-desk calls, eliminate employee downtime, and increase product adoption. We’ve Trained More Than 5 Million End Users Since 1995.